Web Links

Biomechanics at the American Sports Medicine Institute

Learn about biomechanical assessments at ASMI in this video link here.

National Biomechanics Day

Learn about National Biomechanics Day and how labs organizations like ASMI are contributing here.

SI: Pitching Velocity and Elbow Torque

Read Tom Verducci’s take on Tommy John injuries and their relation to throwing velocity here.

Weighted Baseballs Round Table

Watch Stan Conte’s virtual round-table on Weighted Balls with Driveline Baseball’s Anthony Brady, Dr. Glenn Fleisig, Eric Cressey, Mike Reinold, and Dr. Brandon Erickson. Watch the video here.

MLB Baseball Podcast

Learn about baseball biomechanics with three biomechanists in Major League Baseball. Bryson Nakamura is with the Milwaukee Brewers, Ben Hansen is with the Chicago White Sox’s, and Ethan Stewart is with the Baltimore Orioles. This episode is hosted by ISB Student Representative, Megan Stewart. Listen to the Podcast here.

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