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Membership Spotlight: Alek Diffendaffer

Alek Diffendaffer is from Colorado and currently works at the American Sports Medicine Institute as a Sports Biomechanist. In his current role, he runs the motion capture lab and leads the data capture, data processing, and data interpretation for athletes injury prevention and performance enhancement. He is passionate about baseball and sports, and feels very […]

MLB Membership Spotlight: Ethan Stewart

Following in the steps from last week, this membership spotlight is also a member of the Major League Baseball community. Ethan Stewart is the Player Performance Facilitator for the Baltimore Orioles. Along with wortking a full-time job, he is also finishing his PhD. Ethan is currently a doctoral candidate in Neuromechanics/Biomechanics from Mississippi State University. […]

MLB Membership Spotlight: Will Vandenberg

As Major League spring training is coming to a close, we wanted to highlight a member of ABBS who also works in the MLB. To start off this membership spotlight, here is a quote from Will on how spring training has been going. “Spring training has been unusual this year for sure. In a normal […]