Becoming a New Member

Membership of the Society shall consist of the following classes: member, fellow, student member, and affiliate member. Membership shall be open to any individual who is interested in the application of biomechanics in baseball.

Membership: Affiliate

Membership shall be open to international and national governing bodies and societies that are interested in cooperating with the Society to achieve objectives. An affiliate member shall have the privilege of appointing one delegate to attend and vote at meetings of the Society.


Membership shall be open to individuals who are attending institutions of learning as an undergraduate or graduate. A student member has all the privileges of membership except those of voting and holding an elected office.

Membership: Fellows

The Fellow award of the American Baseball Biomechanics Society recognizes substantial scholarly and service contributions to ABBS and baseball biomechanics. ABBS members may apply to the Awards Committee for review of Fellow status by showing they meet the minimum requirements for the award. Members receiving the Fellow Award may use the title Fellow American Baseball Biomechanics Society (FABBS).

Candidates for FABBS would be required to:

  • Be nominated by a board member, executive member, or Fellow of the Society
  • ABBS membership for at least 4 consecutive years and meet at least 3 of the 4 requirements below
  • Presented at least one paper at two ABBS symposia
  • Published at least 5 papers related to baseball biomechanics
  • Served ABBS as either
    • Conference host
    • Executive board member
    • Board director
    • Significant contributor to the application of biomechanics in baseball
  • Provided substantial assistance to ABBS through any of the following
    • Financial support
    • Meeting organization
    • Advertisement or dissemination of published works to the public

Membership Information

The membership year is one calendar year. Only members in good standing may vote, stand for election or appointment to office.

If you are interested in becoming a member or fellow, please reach out to ABBS with the following information:

Professional Member:
1. Highest Academic Degree
2. Concentration of Degree
3. Current Employer
Student Member:
1. Current Degree
2. Name of College/University