Founding Members

During the year of COVID-19 (2020) the American Baseball Biomechanics Society was founded by (left to right) Glenn Fleisig Ph.D., Bryson Nakamura, Ph.D., Megan Stewart, M.S., Rob Shapiro, Ph.D., Ethan Stewart, M.S., Hillary Plummer, Ph.D., Matt Solomito Ph.D., Ben Hansen, B.S., Jon Slowik, Ph.D., Gretchen Oliver, Ph.D., and Anthony Brady, M.S. Baseball biomechanics has been rapidly transforming over the last few years from laboratory research to the baseball diamond. An increasing number of Major League Baseball organizations are hiring biomechanists and performance science directors, buying expensive technology, and paying consultants for biomechanical services. Baseball Biomechanics is becoming the new “Money Ball” for teams looking for a competitive advantage in performance and safety. The American Baseball Biomechanics society was created to provide valid, valuable biomechanical information to baseball players, coaches, teams, and organizations of all levels, as well as to set standards for biomechanical analyses of baseball players. We as the founding members, look forward to the impact that this society will have for many years to come.