Membership Spotlight: Max Wardell

Max Wardell is a professional member of ABBS from Ortonville Michigan. Currently, Max is the Medical Director of Throwing at Overhead Athletic Institute. In his current role, Max focuses on throwing biomechanics and instruction for both healthy and injured throwing athletes. Max has always been interested in the science of human movement with a particular […]

Membership Spotlight: Aaron Trunt

Aaron Trunt is from Goodland Minnesota and is both a professional as well as a student. He is currently in a doctoral program for Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Dakota and is a Senior Biomechanical Engineer at Sanford Health. As a biomechanical engineer at Sanford his role is to perform biomechanics research in […]

Membership Spotlight: Ben Hansen

Ben Hansen, a board member of ABBS, grew up in Beloit, WI and recently moved to Portland, OR. He transitioned to a new role at Intel as Product Engineering Lead- AI & Sports Technology for their Olympic Technology Group. Focused on bringing biomechanics to the masses via computer vision, hardware, and software development, Intel’s OTG creates […]

Membership Spotlight: Zachary Domire

Zachary Domire is a professional member of ABBS who lived most of his life in Western Pennsylvania. He currently works an an associate professor at East Carolina University and his job is a mixture of teaching and research in biomechanics. He loves the game of baseball in general, but more specifically loves that baseball is […]

Membership Spotlight: Jesus Ramirez Garcia

Meet Jesus Garcia, who is a professional member of ABBS from Venezuela. Jesus works for Club Regatas Lima as a coach. With his current role as a coach, he works in sports therapy with training and physical preparation. He is interested in the continuation of preparing physical trainers for the game of baseball. Jesus’s favorite […]

Membership Spotlight: Paul DeVita

Paul DeVita, a professional member of ABBS grew up in New York City and Huntington New York. He currently works as a professor at East Carolina University in Locomotion Biomechanics Science. He is interested in ABBS because he has a love for both baseball and biomechanics, which when added together is the definition of ABBS! […]

Membership Spotlight: Alek Diffendaffer

Alek Diffendaffer is from Colorado and currently works at the American Sports Medicine Institute as a Sports Biomechanist. In his current role, he runs the motion capture lab and leads the data capture, data processing, and data interpretation for athletes injury prevention and performance enhancement. He is passionate about baseball and sports, and feels very […]

MLB Membership Spotlight: Ethan Stewart

Following in the steps from last week, this membership spotlight is also a member of the Major League Baseball community. Ethan Stewart is the Player Performance Facilitator for the Baltimore Orioles. Along with wortking a full-time job, he is also finishing his PhD. Ethan is currently a doctoral candidate in Neuromechanics/Biomechanics from Mississippi State University. […]


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