Membership Spotlight: Max Wardell

Max Wardell is a professional member of ABBS from Ortonville Michigan. Currently, Max is the Medical Director of Throwing at Overhead Athletic Institute. In his current role, Max focuses on throwing biomechanics and instruction for both healthy and injured throwing athletes. Max has always been interested in the science of human movement with a particular emphasis on biomechanics of the throw. His goal has always been to protect as many athletes from injury as possible and facilitate them in reaching their full potential.

His favorite place to travel is anywhere warm during the winter in Michigan. His favorite food to eat are donuts and his favorite food to cook is pizza. Max’s favorite movie is Step Brothers and we would have a dog if allowed to have any pet in the world. If Max could have any superpower he would like to be able to fly or have a 110mph fastball.

Outside of baseball, Max likes to spend time with is fiancé. His favorite holiday is Christmas, and his favorite poem is “IF” by Rudyard Kipling.

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