Membership Spotlight: Aaron Trunt

Aaron Trunt is from Goodland Minnesota and is both a professional as well as a student. He is currently in a doctoral program for Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Dakota and is a Senior Biomechanical Engineer at Sanford Health.

As a biomechanical engineer at Sanford his role is to perform biomechanics research in sports performance and injury/rehabilitation as well as provide biomechanical analyses for athletes looking to improve performance at any level. Additionally, Aaron looks to use existing tech to design novel analyses of movement and reduce the risk of injury in overhead athletes.

Baseball has always been a large part of Aaron’s life, ever since he began playing through high school and now at the amateur level in Sioux Falls. From an engineering perspective, highly ballistic movements such as the baseball pitch have always been fascinating to Aaron, and trying to understand the role that biomechanics plays in injury prevention and performance is one of those challenging and exciting problems.

Aaron’s favorite place to travel is Northern Minnesota to go hunting and fishing. His favorite food to eat is a burger from TapHouse41. If he was going to cook, he would make breakfast food. Aaron’s favorite movie is Anchorman, and if he could have any animal as a pet it would be a bison.

If given the opportunity to have any superpower he would have super skill-acquisition. Outside of baseball, Aaron likes to golf, exercise, hunt and fish. His favorite holiday is July 4th.

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