Membership Spotlight: Jesus Ramirez Garcia

Meet Jesus Garcia, who is a professional member of ABBS from Venezuela. Jesus works for Club Regatas Lima as a coach. With his current role as a coach, he works in sports therapy with training and physical preparation. He is interested in the continuation of preparing physical trainers for the game of baseball.

Jesus’s favorite place to travel is the United States and his favorite food is Chicken and Rice. His favorite movie is Fast and Furious 8. If he could have any animal as a pet, he would have a German Shepherd dog. When given the opportunity to have any super power, Jesus would want to help people.

Outside of baseball, Jesus enjoys all the preparation on and off the field, plays, and concentration. His favorite holiday is New Years! Jesus would like everyone to know that the academic preparation of a person depends on the interest, responsibility, effort, and commitment they have to be better every single day.

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