A Brief Look to the Future of Baseball Biomechanics

By Gretchen Oliver, Ph.D.

Baseball has always utilized the science from the box scores to the first hitting video analysis. Biomechanical movement analysis allows us to quantify movements which in turn allow us to generate performance indicators as well as injury susceptibility indicators. As the technology systems continue to improve, the overall leverage is the ability to the most data or the best data but also the ability to utilize those data to the common good. Understanding the biomechanics and reporting valid biomechanics is the future of merging science technology, biomechanics, sports medicine and performance enhancement.

Previously detailed biomechanical analysis could only be performed in a laboratory research setting. Today we have more advanced technologies that allow us to collect during live performance.With the majority of injuries in baseball occurring at the shoulder and elbow, continual attention to decreasing injury susceptibility is needed.

The more in depth we can examine continual performance with the improving technologies the better we can further the sport as well as the science of the sport

There are many motion capture technologies available however it is the experts in sports medicine and biomechanics research who can work to assist in further the information and making sure the information being gathered is being interrupted correctly

The future of baseball biomechanics is bright. There are many ideas that are still need for discussion. Below is a list of revolutionary topics that are up for discussion is future blog posts. Send us an email to let us know that you want to have discussed in the blogs and on social media!

Future Blog Topics

  • The revolution of marker-less tracking systems
  • Gaining the ability to get full body mechanics in a live performance
  • Where are we going?
  • Biomechanics and Player Development
  • Who will interrupt the technology as we are getting in-game technology”
  • Injury prevention and biomechanics
  • Performance enhancement and biomechanics.

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